honey, sausage & shallot recipes

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Sticky Sweet Sausage Kabobs


Ingredients: shallot, sausage, honey, bell pepper, soy sauce, zucchini, honey mustard, carrot, chinese five spice

Grilled Sausages with Grilled Shallot Relish with Fresh Ricotta and Toasted Baguette


Ingredients: shallot, sausage, honey, parsley, ricotta, balsamic vinegar, thyme, extra virgin olive oil, baguette, canola oil, chilli flake

Roast turkey with pecan, sausage & chestnut stuffing & roast shallots


Ingredients: shallot, sausage, honey, egg, chestnut, bread crumbs, parsley, olive oil, lemon, butter, sage, soy sauce, thyme, chicken stock, flour, onion, pecan, garlic, mustard, canola oil, turkey breast



Ingredients: shallot, sausage, honey, horseradish, mushroom, ketchup, raclette, jalapeno, olive oil, red onion, beer, bell pepper, soy sauce, zucchini, beef stew meat, worcestershire, ginger root, broccoli, potato, chicken breast, garlic, mustard, lime, chilli flake