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Baked Savory Rice Recipe

Ingredients: rice, butter, onion

Mangalorean Neer Dosa Recipe-Savory Rice & Coconut Crepe

Ingredients: rice, coconut, sunflower oil

Savory Beef and Rice Casserole

Ingredients: rice, ground beef, crispy onions, onion soup mix

Savory rice tart shell

Ingredients: rice, parmesan, egg, olive oil

Savory Rice

Ingredients: rice, cream of chicken, butter, canned mushroom, onion

Savory Taushali

Ingredients: rice, coconut oil, cucumber, jalapeno, coconut

Turkish Savory Rice Porridge Lapa

Ingredients: rice, yogurt, lemon, sumac, mint

Savory Garlic Fried Rice

Ingredients: rice, egg, butter, msg, garlic powder

Savory Rice Casserole

Ingredients: rice, chicken broth, breakfast sausage, soy sauce, celery, onion

Vada - Fried Lentil Savory Dumplings

Ingredients: rice, peppercorn, jalapeno, cilantro, urad dal, curry leaves

Savory Lemon Rice Recipe

Ingredients: rice, chicken broth, butter, lemon, parsley, garlic

Savory Shrimp & Rice Bowl

Ingredients: rice, shrimp, italian cheese blend, sun dried tomato, basil, sweet corn

~ Savory Chicken & Rice Bake ~ Easy & Delish!

Ingredients: rice, cream of chicken, chicken breast, chicken thighs, cream of celery, onion soup mix

Savory Rice Pancakes

Ingredients: rice, milk, egg, butter, onion flake, chive

Savory Rice with cream (Egyptian Meammar Rice)

Ingredients: rice, chicken broth, chicken tenders, milk, mascarpone, sour cream, butter

Savory Sausage and Peppers

Ingredients: rice, kielbasa, hot sauce, olive oil, bell pepper, onion, garlic

A-1 Savory Stuffed Bell Peppers

Ingredients: rice, ground beef, beef steak, tomato sauce, bell pepper, onion, sweet corn

Savory Rice Stuffing

Ingredients: rice, chicken broth, parsley, sage, margarine, thyme, onion

Chicken with Savory Herbed Rice

Ingredients: rice, chicken broth, chicken breast, parmesan, garlic powder, peas, thyme

Savory Chicken & Rice Turnovers

Ingredients: rice, cream of chicken, cooked chicken, egg, puff pastry, poppy seed, mixed vegetable