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Savory New Potatoes and Shallots

Ingredients: shallot, balsamic vinegar, vegetable oil, new potato

Savory Shaken Butter Sauce

Ingredients: shallot, heavy cream, butter, white wine

Savory Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

Ingredients: shallot, butter, rosemary, sweet potato

Savory Dijon Wine Vinaigrette

Ingredients: shallot, white wine vinegar, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, sugar

Sweet and Savory Garlic Shallot Grilled Chicken

Ingredients: shallot, fish sauce, chicken thighs, sugar, garlic

Savory Glazed Carrots And Shallots

Ingredients: shallot, butter, carrot, parsley, sugar

Savory Sauteed Green Beans with Mushrooms, Shallots and Pancetta

Ingredients: shallot, pancetta, mushroom, olive oil, green beans

Savory Turkey Loaf

Ingredients: shallot, ground turkey, bread crumbs, egg, mayonnaise

Savory Eggs with Peas and Shallots

Ingredients: shallot, herb cream cheese, butter, egg, peas

Sunday Dinner Savory Pot Roast Beef

Ingredients: shallot, beef broth, beef roast, bay leaf, allspice, olive oil, cinnamon

Savory Mushroom Medley with Thyme

Ingredients: shallot, butter, mushroom, oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, thyme, garlic

Stuffed Savory Crêpes with Seitan Stew

Ingredients: shallot, milk, seitan, brown rice flour, extra virgin olive oil, carrot, egg

Savory Keto Garlic Mushroom Omelette (Keto Breakfast Idea)

Ingredients: shallot, gruyere, butter, cream, mushroom, egg, garlic

Savory Blueberry Sauce

Ingredients: shallot, butter, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, blueberry, red wine, thyme

Savory Tarte Tatin Recipe

Ingredients: shallot, puff pastry, burrata, mixed mushrooms, olive oil, arugula, garlic

Savory Oats with Brie and Cherry Tomatoes

Ingredients: shallot, pine nut, brie, cherry tomato, basil, rolled oats, olive oil, garlic

Savory Sweet Potato Casserole

Ingredients: shallot, bacon, heavy cream, gruyere, butter, rosemary, egg, sweet potato

Thanksgiving Savory Bacon Butternut Squash Souffle

Ingredients: shallot, bacon, egg, coconut flour, butternut squash, sage, thyme, garlic

Umami bombs (savory stuffed mushrooms)

Ingredients: shallot, mushroom, rosemary, truffle salt, cooking spray, bell pepper, thyme, garlic

Perch Fillets with Olives and Savory Served with Green Beans

Ingredients: shallot, perch, fish stock, white wine, savory herb, olive oil, green beans, black olives