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Black Eyed Peas Savory Sundal

Ingredients: mustard seed, coriander powder, urad dal, coconut, curry leaves, black-eyed peas, vegetable oil, chili pepper, asafoetida

Indian Style Savory Oats

Ingredients: mustard seed, peas, olive oil, cilantro, onion, curry leaves, turmeric, carrot, rolled oats, lime

Mor Kali (Kazhi) Recipe (Savory Rice Flour Breakfast Pudding)

Ingredients: mustard seed, cumin, jalapeno, peppercorn, ginger root, coriander, curry leaves, sunflower oil, rice flour, asafoetida, curd

Khandvi Recipe - Gujarati Savory Snack

Ingredients: mustard seed, lemon, cilantro, flour, ginger root, coconut, curry leaves, turmeric, vegetable oil, chili pepper, yogurt

Instant Rava Dhokla Recipe | Sooji Dhokla | Semolina Steamed Savory Cake

Ingredients: mustard seed, semolina, sesame seed, ginger root, curry leaves, vegetable oil, chili pepper, chili paste, baking soda, asafoetida, curd

Green Moong Dal Dhokla Recipe (Savory Steamed Mung Bean Cakes)

Ingredients: mustard seed, rice, jalapeno, yellow lentils, sesame seed, ginger root, urad dal, chili powder, coriander, curry leaves, sunflower oil, curd

Savory Breakfast Chickpea Muffins

Ingredients: mustard seed, egg, butter, goat cheese, cilantro, bell pepper, baking powder, flour, curry leaves, milk, scallion, chickpea flour

Spinach Khandvi Recipe - Savory Gram Flour Pinwheels With Spinach

Ingredients: mustard seed, cumin, sesame seed, spinach, coconut, coriander, sugar, curry leaves, turmeric, sunflower oil, asafoetida, curd, chickpea flour

Savory Semiya

Ingredients: mustard seed, peas, jalapeno, tomato, chicken stock, chili powder, onion, kashmiri red chilli, sweet corn, turmeric, carrot, vegetable oil, vermicelli

Pineapple Red Lentil Curry- Savory Pineapple Dish

Ingredients: mustard seed, coconut oil, cumin, peppercorn, tomato, red lentils, cilantro, chili powder, mint, curry leaves, turmeric, garlic, chili pepper, pineapple

Upma {Savory Semolina Dish}

Ingredients: mustard seed, semolina, chana dal, cilantro, ginger root, urad dal, onion, mint, cashew, curry leaves, peanut, garlic, vegetable oil, chili pepper

Savory Oats Hash - Indian Oats Poha Upma

Ingredients: mustard seed, peas, lemon, red onion, cilantro, sugar, curry leaves, turmeric, peanut, rolled oats, vegetable oil, chili pepper, cayenne, asafoetida

Upma Kozhukattai: Steamed Savory Rice Cakes

Ingredients: mustard seed, rice, coconut oil, cumin, jalapeno, peppercorn, chana dal, ginger root, urad dal, coconut, curry leaves, milk, chili pepper, asafoetida

Savory Semolina Cake

Ingredients: mustard seed, peas, cumin, jalapeno, semolina, sesame seed, green beans, ginger root, chili powder, onion, turmeric, carrot, vegetable oil, yogurt, baking soda